Hard Times…

It’s no secret that life isn’t always easy. On the contrary, it’s often more hard than easy. 

Even those people who may seem to always have everything together are still faced with difficult challenges which they must learn to overcome.

Hard times aren’t universal. They will look different for everyone based on your life, situation, and mentality. Something which may be absolutely devastating for one individual, may not affect someone else at all. Hard times can also encompass a number of different events in someone’s life. Some common examples of hard times are losing a job, losing a loved one, a terminal illness, or facing financial hardship for one reason or another.

One of the dangerous aspects of experiencing hard times is that once you are facing one challenging situation, other situations which may not normally bother you may seem to grow or become more difficult. This leads to a downhill effect, where once you are faced with hard times, they may seem to only get worse or seem to pile up in front of you.

And this can become a really slippery slope which is difficult to overcome.

How Hard Times Affect Our Mental, Emotional, and Physical Wellbeing

When hard times hit, it can be extremely tempting to brush them off, or push thoughts of them away as something you will deal with at a later date. It is also easy to be overwhelmed by hard times and consumed by thoughts of your situation around the clock. Either way, hard times can have a huge impact on your mental, emotional, and physical health.


When you are faced with an onslaught of difficult times, it is without question that you will be affected by feelings of stress. And though stress may not seem like a big deal, it can actually damage your body in many ways you may not even be aware of.

When you are stressed, your body releases hormones which engage the body’s fight or flight response. This causes your heart rate to speed up, your muscles to tense, and your breath to quicken.

Although this can be very helpful when needing to run from danger, keeping your body in this constant state of stress actually damages your body in the long term.

Prolonged exposure to stress can lead to headaches, heartburn, and weaken your immune system in the short term.

And if your immune system is weak, it is likely you will get sick more often—which may only cause you to stress you out more.

Stress can also cause an increase of bacteria in your stomach which can lead to painful and life-threatening conditions such as stomach ulcers.

Stress can damage your body even further in the long term, as it can lead to insomnia, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure.

And according to Healthline…

These conditions can become the root cause of terminal conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and increased risk of a heart attack—all ailments which may eventually result in death.

Abandoning Good Habits

If you are spending most of your time stressed, it’s highly likely that you will become discouraged, or simply too exhausted to maintain your good habits.

So even if you’ve spent months working on your diet and workout routine, you may find yourself letting these things go. And if you start eating junk food (which tends to happen when people are stressed) and stop exercising, this can cause physical damage to your body.

And of course, good habits aren’t just physical things. You may start to let go of your healthy morning routine of getting up early, instead choosing to spend more time sleeping.

You may also decide to stop working towards goals because they seem just too far off, or difficult to work towards during your difficult times.

And once you’ve abandoned one good habit, it’s much more likely you will abandon another. Making this another slippery slope which is difficult to climb back up once you have begun to slide down.


As previously mentioned, when facing difficult times, you may feel simply buried by the bad things which may be continuing to happen in your life. And this can lead to massive amounts of stress and anxiety, which could lead to depression.

It’s important to distinguish that feeling sad every now and then is not depression.

According to Web MD…

Sadness is only classified as depression when it refuses to go away after an extended period of time.

Although depression may not seem like such a serious issue, it can have huge effects on several different aspect of your life that you may not realize.

Depression can cause sleep problems, sexual issues, and can lead to serious outcomes such as suicide. If you feel that you may be experiencing depression, it is critical that you seek professional help immediately.

Strained Relationships

Besides physically and mentally damaging you, hard times can also wreak havoc on your emotional well-being. You may usually consider yourself to be a calm, positive, and collected individual.

But when you are facing the slippery slope of non-stop tough times, even you may begin to lose your normal power over your emotions. This can lead to angry or emotional outbursts which may be inadvertently directed at someone close to you.

And if you are frequently taking out your anger and emotional stress on others, or if you constantly have a negative attitude, this will strain your relationships.

And this isn’t just referring to your emotional relationships, but also those with your coworkers, your family, and even your friends.

Other Effects

Believe it or not, the above list isn’t even all the ways hard times can have an effect on your life. And honestly, the list could probably go on for forever.

There are simply so many mental and physical health problems which are related to stress caused by hard times.

This is why it is so critical to approach tough times with the right mentality to minimize your suffering.

Minimizing Suffering With Guided Meditation

If you’re facing hard times in your life right now, reading all the effects tough times may be having on your body and mind may be concerning to you—maybe even adding to your pain.

But there is a way to minimize your suffering when it comes to those unavoidable hard times, and this is thanks to guided meditation.

Now there may be some confusion as some people believe that the entire purpose of meditation is to clear your mind. But this isn’t necessarily true. While having a clear mind may help in the interim, the problems you are clearing your mind of will only resurface in the long run.

Rather, meditation is better used as evaluation period, so you can become more familiar with your thoughts and feelings. Then you can learn to work through them in a healthy manner not riddled with avoidance tactics.

According to Psychology Today, the positive benefits of guided meditation are immense.

Not only does it help you become more aware of your experiences, thoughts, and surroundings, but it also can help you work through complicated emotions you may be struggling with.

Guided meditation lowers stress and can remedy physical ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

If you are going through a hard time, regardless of what you are facing, you can rest assured knowing meditation will help you feel better.

Guided meditation is generally recommended to people who are new to meditation.

However, when you are facing tough times you may have a very difficult time reaching the same levels in meditation as you did previously, even if you have been meditating for years. This is why guided meditation is especially recommended when you are facing some tough challenges in life.

A guide can do wonders help you navigate through your trying emotions and feelings of suffering in a way you can’t accomplish on your own.

Overall, no matter what tough time has surfaced in your life, don’t let it get you down.

When you let tough times get to you, they can have huge implications on your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

If you do find yourself suffering from difficult situations which may be arising in your life, then it’s time to engage in some practices to help minimize your suffering.

And the best way to do so is by engaging in guided meditation, so that you can learn to accept and work through your feelings in a healthy manner.

According To The Good Body…

About 500 million people worldwide meditate

According to…

"Meditation is identified as the fastest-growing trend, seeing a more than threefold leap in users. In 2012, 4.1% reported using meditation, and in 2017, that increased to 14.2%"

Guided meditation is a practice where you meditate through guidance provided by a trained practitioner, where an instructive voice leads you through a meditation on a set topic.

When we participate regularly in guided meditation, we can access the subconscious mind and program it anyway we wish.

The subconscious mind is responsible for our underlying belief systems and ideologies.

The Many Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation brings calm.

Meditation allows you to get in touch with your deepest self.

Meditation is the highest level of self-awareness

Meditation allows us to experience our deepest thoughts and beliefs

When we can clearly see the mental experiences that we are having in our minds, we can begin to understand ourselves more fully.

When we take time to understand ourselves, we can offer ourselves greater compassion and healing.


Remain calm during extremely stressful times

Alleviate fear and anxiety

Experience more self-compassion

Process and heal inner turmoil

Maintain perspective

Relax the body and mind

Tap into your inner courage

Tap into your inner strength

Stop resisting reality and ease into with grace

Boost emotional health

And much more

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Committing to listening to guided meditation every day creates a regularity of practice that is dependable.

Using guided meditations allows you to reprogram the subconscious mind in order to align with the conscious mind so you can make changes to your outlook, mindset, and your experiences.


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