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Published on August 11, 2018


What are the root energies behind our Behaviours?

Let us concentrate on the three main processes:

Experiences generate THOUGHTS. They create BELIEFS,





I would say that Thoughts are what create our mind. Little by little, on the basis of our experiences, our thoughts emerge and form the contents of our minds. However, your thoughts are not the true essence of who you are.
It comes as no surprise that thoughts are likely to change as you mature. A critical thing to realise is that thoughts are not necessarily facts. In the early childhood, thoughts derive from the facts we experience. So, depending on the experiences we live, our mind generates different and according thoughts. To associate with your thoughts is misleading since some thoughts are not useful.

I friend of mine, frequently tells me: “Be carefull of what you thing… Because you will get it!”

I understand that thoughts are the origin of things. And repeated thoughts become Beliefs.

So, it is quite clear that thoughts may become things. So, we should treat them, not as simple brain activity, but as truly powerful forces that may have far reaching consequences. Therefore, verifying your thoughts is a very powerful tool to understand which thoughts are lying to you. In other words: a beautiful way to learn to understand which of your thoughts are not true, is by verifying them.

As I was telling before, thoughts are originated by our experiences. And repeated thoughts create beliefs and attitudes.




Beliefs are thoughts that have penetrated deep into our mind, leaving a hard to erase trace. Frequently beliefs can have subtle influences on our judgments and learnings. Core beliefs can even be associated with various mental illnesses.
Our beliefs can act as huge barriers that stop us giving 100 percent to something.

Self limiting beliefs can and will make you fail. Beliefs can actually change the way our brains work in such a way that situations, which would normally be opportunities, are rejected and disregarded by your brain SIMPLY BECAUSE the way you have programmed your mind through negative experiences, and the story you tell yourself, stops you from making the most of them.

So yes, irrational beliefs can and do lead to harm. Our limiting beliefs can cause us to miss out on the things that we want most and our empowering beliefs can drive us toward to the life we want to live. So, in short, your beliefs can limit or unleash your potential. As if they were a baggage, you take them almost always with you.

Yes, beliefs can be empowering or limiting in nature. But the great news is that negative beliefs can be undone and substituted with ones that will empower us. Negative beliefs can be changed; all it takes is digging a little deeper. Challenging your beliefs can make them disappear or become stronger. By challenging I mean to inquiry about their origins and deeply understanding why they emerged in our mind.




Our deep beliefs create our attitudes and from there our behaviors appear. Spiritual beliefs can help people find meaning of life, and can also influence their feelings, behaviors and mental health. Its now clear that beliefs can control your actions, behavior and potential. In addition, the behaviours often vary according to the age and maturity level of the person(s) involved. Behaviours often fluctuate during the day.

We, as adults, should not react against the experiences we experience. We should surrender to them and let life teach us the lesson we need to learn at every moment. With mental alertness, we will realize the thoughts that arise, we will understand and accept them and we will express a responsible and mature behavior.



In closing:
Considering the existence of a universal mind, result of the sum of the individual thoughts of the people that exist or have existed, we also have beliefs that generate our culture and education. And, consequently, all of this results in group behaviors that condition the society in which we live.

“Our Self Improvement creates Global Improvement.”

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