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Published on February 2, 2016

Want to improve your productivity, organize your life, or simply manage your time better?

Productivity and time management are important in any job if we get more benefit, this also helps us in our daily lives because if we can manage our time better, we can reduce our stress and be more productive in a deepest and personal level.

What I will tell you is a short, clear content, so try to the point as far as possible.


Organize my life? How can I do it?

I will show you some proven techniques that you will be able to use a simple and easy way, step by step.

TO ORGANIZE is a verb implying action, just as the 3 steps are three action verbs. So, they focus on each task and they must TAKE ACTION.


What is the problem we want to solve? Disorganization

By or give an example, I used to have on my browser too many tabs open, causing a lot of noise when I turn on my computer, looks like I was in a bar rather than in an office.

I used to have many emails unread every day more and more which caused a bad function in my computer, everything became slower and therefore wasted my time.

And all this was caused by the disorganitazion, disorder and chaos.



That has to do with the organization in my life?

Something similar happens in our brain when our mind is overloaded with content, with unresolved problems. This causes discomfort, the result of disorder and chaos.

Computers and the brain work better when they have a lot of free memory, and is what we will try using the technique of “The 3 Ps”.



What is the system of “The 3Ps” Can it help me organize my life?

I call them “The 3 Ps” for the 3 steps you will use. They are:

First step: PONDER.

In this step we will shape a little brainstorming and all we have to do something similar to make the shopping list.


Second step: PRIORITY.

Once included our thoughts, we will order by order of importance, to focus first on the most important.


Step Three: PROTECT.

This is basically take a period of time and dedicate exclusively to this we have prioritized, for example at 9 am I spend half an hour to check my emails and respond clients.


How I can learn more about the system of “3 P’s”?

In my book, “3 Steps To Organize Your Life” you can find in the following link:

Filling a simple form, you receive even a small report on the first P, FREE.

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