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Published on March 18, 2021


Banner ads goals is to take a visitor, who clicks on one of them, through to one of your web properties. But beyond this you may have more specific goals. This could include bringing them directly to a sales or product page in hopes of them making a purchase. Or perhaps you’re simply doing a list building campaign and trying to gain leads or contact info by forwarding them to a landing page with a free offer or gift. Maybe your goal is to learn more about your market, in which case you might be sending them to a survey or questionnaire.
The final goal for click-throughs that we’ll mention is simply content marketing.

Banner Ads why

Perhaps you’re simply trying to get your blog posts and articles in front of a lot of visitors in order to build a following, provide useful information, and perhaps even make a “soft pitch” within this content. Another sub-goal of content marketing worth mentioning is building a retargeting audience. There’s plenty of data justifying this approach. People who are retargeted via banner ads are 70% more likely to convert! So the idea here is to simply stick a retargeting pixel on your site when you send visitors to your content (check out our retargeting guide for more detailed info on this). You can then retarget them wherever they are on the web with more relevant banner ads now that they are familiar with you and this time you can aim for something more desirable like a sale or an opt-in.


One very useful but less talked about benefit of banner advertising is brand awareness. You’ve seen this work a thousand times. Year ‘round you might see tv commercials for “Smiley Taxi Cabs”. It’s not like you’re sitting in your living room and suddenly bolt upright and call a cab at that moment. You don’t need one. But weeks or maybe months later when you’re leaving a birthday party after having a bit to drink and you need a cab, who are you going to google on your smartphone? Yup. Smiley Cab. The same goes for banner ads. Even when people don’t click on them, you’ll be subtly building top-of-mind awareness for your business and expanding the visual familiarity of your brand.

Banner Ads Stats

Another benefit of banner advertising is the ability to track, assess, and test effectiveness. There are several metrics that can be used to measure various levels of effectiveness. The most basic level of assessment is your Click-through Rate or CTR. You can gauge the financial success of your ads by comparing your CTR against your advertising expenses which gives you your cost per click or CPC. Beyond this you can actually track the results of click-throughs (sales or opt-ins) versus your ad expenses. This can give you your cost per lead and cost per sale. Using conversion pixels you can test for even more complex results such as how far visitors get into your funnel or which blog posts they read after landing on your site.
So that’s the “why” of banner advertising.

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