How to Organize your life in one week

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Published on December 28, 2015

How to organize your life in one week
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How to organize your life in one week

You just can’t seem to get shit done. You procrastinate and your to-do-list seems to never finish
Now why do you think this is happening?

Lack of organization?

Lack of Focus?

Lack of self-motivation?

None of the above!

Let me first tell you. What I am about to tell you may sound harsh, but man up and deal with it.

I wasn’t always like I ‘am today, Hell No!

I wasn’t driven, I wasn’t organize and my all means I wasn’t getting shit done. I was chaotic…

What the hell did I do to change?

This is what I like call the get shit done Formula

Energy + Purpose + The one thing = Getting shit done.

Now before you go “Holy Crap Ameer WTF is that” Let me explain to you…

Okay, now be quiet and listen up!

Step #1 Energy.

This is very important, you have to understand TIME means nothing. If you don’t have the energy to maximize and organize your time, what’s the point?

I can give you 3 hours to do a task, however if you can’t concentrate, have energy dips and just can’t seem to stay AWAKE. Then your 3 hours means “F” all

Be honest with yourself

How energetic are you?

Do you have crashes?

How is your mental mindset throughout the day?

Most likely the answer is shit!

Because your body is running like a dirty old stripper on Queen Street

instead your body needs to running as George St Pierre MMA fight.

How do you change the energy of your body?

Enter the #Ameerapproved formula for organize your life and getting shit done

#1 Sleep like a champ.
Man I keep on saying it over and over again. Get your freaking ass to bed!
This is my rule Sleep at 10 and lights out at 8pm: This means no lights, no comp, and no electronics. UN-plug, read a real book, spend time with your family.

#2 Morning Ritual
What are you doing to prime your body and mind in the morning?
If the answer is noting. Oh shit…you are in trouble.

This is what I do. And hopefully it can help you.

Upon waking I thank the universes for being alive.

I then walk to my kitchen and make myself 1 liter of lemon Spring water with baking soda and Chug it down.

I then sit down and do my Five minute journal

After I write or read, depending on how I feel for 30 minutes. I will then go outside for my mobility work

Total time = 45 min

This will prime you for your day.

#3 Diet.

YEAH let’s talk about this.

Let’s keep this shit simple. (I will not complicate you with my seasonal eating diet)

However you need to fuel yourself

The template I use is called the #Ameerapproved diet

Don’t eat fake food!

Eat REAL FOOD. Cook your own shit!

Here is a template what I eat.

Yeah it’s boring, but this shit is rocket fuel for your Mitochondria

Breakfast = Liver + Kale + Coconut oil

Lunch = Sardines + Sauerkraut + Mix greens veggies

Dinner = Salmon + Broccoli + Sweet potato.

Step #2 Purpose

Okay, what the hell do I mean by Purpose?

This is important and Simon Sinek talks about this.

You can’t be doing shit that you have no drive or reason to be doing it.

You say you want to create a business, but do you really?

You say you want to be healthy, but do you really?

Be honest with yourself.

I recommend auditing yourself. And really figuring out the purpose behind your goals

Here’s my purpose hopefully it helps

“To inspire a new generation of independent though leaders and free thinkers” (Optimal health Warriors)

My Why Drives everything I do!

Step #3 The one thing

This is the icing on top of the cake. The one thing has revolutionized how I go by my day-to-day process. And it has helped me tremendously organize my life very fast. I learned this method from Gerry Keller from his ground breaking book “The One Thing”

Formula = What is the One thing you can do today to complete your weeks goal

“What’s the ONE Thing I could do, such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?” Then time block to make it happen. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

People always think I am doing a lot. That’s far from the truth. I use the one thing formula to help me organize my day to get shit done.

Each week I plan my next week ahead of time and block off 3 hours each day for my one thing.

It’s simple as that. That’s how you organize your life and get shit done. Only focus on one thing and block off your time. No cell phone, put it on Airplane mode. No social media. I Use a program called anti-social to block off the world. I even put up a sign up in my office saying “Fuck off mate, getting shit done”

That’s the Formula on how you organize your life and shit done.

Now what the hell do you do form here?

Leave a comment below about your experience with getting shit done.

And remember this formula–Tattoo it to your head!

Energy + Purpose + The one thing = Getting shit done.


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