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Published on April 14, 2016

What does the 3rd Step of my book “3 STEPS TO ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE“>: PROTECT refer to? It refers to the TIME you have.

When some aspect of my life has been disorganized at some time, this has caused me a great waste of time, frustration and discomfort. And my productivity has been reduced considerably.


In this 3rd Step of my book 3 STEPS TO ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE: PROTECT, I’ll give you a few ideas and techniques for the time do not escape uncontrollably and you can use it productively in the Projects and Activities you have chosen.


In short, PROTECT means to put aside some time every day to do the Important Activities (IA) or High-Value Activities (HVA) and the repetitive tasks that you have discovered from the To-Do List.


I would advise you not to protect more than half of the hours of your day to make the H.V.A. or I.A. and Repetitive Tasks. In this way, you will have some time to deal with the unforeseen circumstances and LVA or n.I.A. you decide to carry out on a particular day.


The Timetable is a resource that I’ll attach in the annexes (Excel and PDF file) for you to design it based on your Repetitive Tasks and High-Value Activities.





I would advise to review it at least once a month. And modify it, if necessary. You must adapt it to your needs.

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