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Published on April 7, 2016


In the 2nd step of my book 3 Steps To Organize Your Life you sould ask: WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE?

In the 2nd step: PRIORITIZE I’ll show you the techniques to find it out.
To start with, I will define the 2 types of tasks / activities we normally do:

– High Value Activities (HVA=AAV) are leading us directly to achieving the goals and objectives we have set. For example: ‘Distribute BEN 2014′ tells me the result I have had in 2014.

– Low Value Activities (LVA=ABV) are those that do not lead to the achievement of our goals or objectives, but can help us achieve them.

For example: ‘Clean my Office’ helps me work more comfortably.

We could also talk about what are Important Activities (IA) and which are not (NIA). This depends on each of us. It has to do with your Focus Centers and the Roles you play in your life. And to clarify, there is nothing better than the charts below that show two good examples of The Wheel of Life.

image article

In this graphic it appears that this person has a fairly balanced life, except for the areas Recreation and Career. If these focus centers were more catered, we could say that the life of that person rolls and circulates with few bumps.

You must ask yourself the same thing with your own life. Take a piece of paper, draw a circle and write the important areas in your life. What do you spend your life on? And then you score each on a scale of 0-10 as per your dedication and fulfilment is greater or lesser. This will clarify what is most important in your life and if you have it attended or not.

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