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Published on April 6, 2016

In my book 3 Steps To Organize Your Life discover “3 P”, which are the three steps you must to organize your life.

What is the purpose of Step 1?
PONDER is to free your mind of content overload. With this technique, you’ll free your mind of useless thoughts to work better. And so you can concentrate.

How can we free our mind content?
To do this I suggest you use a block of labels (can be colored) like the picture next.
Each label should only contain the thought that you have at any given time. Gradually you are going to write them all. And your mind will clear up. You will see.
Most of your thoughts will surely be on tasks or projects that have still to be made.
Tasks are specific actions we must take to achieve ‘something’.
Projects are a set of tasks that lead to a goal.

What we will get with the first step? PONDER is to free your mind from the overload of distracting and disturbing thoughts.
And to free your mind of this overload, the best technique is to write each of your thoughts in your paper labels.
Then, like the tiles of a puzzle, you can order the labels as you see fit, either logically or by meaning.

It is convenient you take with you some unwritten labels to be used each time a thought about a new task appears.


– The aim of the 1st Step: PONDER is to free your mind of contents.

– The resource that you should use are the square paper labels.

– Always carry blank paper labels for new ideas.

– You must use a label for every thought or idea (task / project).

– With labels, you will create a to-do list.
image 3 steps

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