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Published on February 9, 2016

The Social Media network are something to keep in mind in the world of Internet Marketing today we will focus on twitter.

With millions of Twitter accounts, capture the attention of users is becoming more and more difficult and it is necessary to provide a lot of value before expecting anything in return.
In fact, they may already exist in Internet Marketing tens or hundreds of accounts that take you a considerable advantage. Therefore, the next step after opening a profile is started on everything that helps to grow our fan base.

Start by creating an attractive twitter profile in your internet marketing account.

1. Include relevant keywords for your industry in Bio.
2. Invest in your design (background, avatar, color) to differentiate yourself from the other profiles. Nobody wants to profiles that are not active or unprofessional.

3. When creating your account, be sure to post between 5 and 10 tweets a day.
The next thing is to get them to follow those individuals and entities that already have relationship in your internet marketing sector:
4. Advertise on other social networks that have presence your new profile (Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, etc).
5. Link profiles other social networks Twitter: Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook and / or options.

Identify influencers and relevant Internet Marrketing profiles:

6. Find out who the influencers in your industry using Klout. You simply use the URL http://klout.com/#/topic/keyword and replace “keyword” with the key word and is applicable to those people.

7.Calls retweets. Although it sounds strange, you should openly ask for this action to be performed. It is often most effective when it comes to share job openings.
8. Join the conversation. #hashtags Used when applying and participates in Trending relevant to your industry or sector Topics. Monitors the main keywords related to your product, service or industry to explore opportunities to interact.

Twitter integrates with your internet marketing web
There are numerous ways to integrate Twitter with your website to increase your growing number of followers and visibility of the account. On the one hand there are a number of features that Twitter offers and are easy to set up:
9. Twitter Follow Button: allows a user (logged in Twitter) follow your account with a single click and without leaving your website. Try it here:

10. Tweet button: Allows visitors to your web share content easily. It also allows you to add “via @ tu-user” to increase the visibility of your account.

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